Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hello world!

Hi. My name is Ognjen Bajic. I am an architect and project and development manager in Ekobit.

I am especially interested (passionate actually) in wide range of topics: .Net (I’ve been playing with it since July 2000, soon after .Net was announced),
Visual Studio Team System, MS Vista (Longhorn) and various parts of WinFX, programming languages (C++/CLI and C# in particular, especially advances in .Net programming languages like generics few years ago and LinQ project today), design guidelines, web service technologies, programming techniques, agile development, project management (I am a PMP) and even some server side topics like BizTalk Server. I enjoy speaking at various local Microsoft conferences and have been doing it regularly since 1997.

You can expect posts on most of these subjects but I suppose that, in the next few months at least, the majority will be dealing with issues around Team System since we’ll be heavily involved in introducing VSTS in our development process.

So much for the first introductory entry. Expect first real content soon…


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