Monday, December 05, 2005

VS Team Foundation Server Dec CTP

Rob Caron just announced the availability of VS Team Foundation Server Dec CTP on MSDN Subscribers Downloads.

At first I thought that it will be the first CTP of TFS ever that I will not try to install and play with. I was seriously considering concentrating my efforts on introducing the Team System in our development process and the development process of our clients/partners based on Beta 3 Refresh instead of just jumping on the new version as soon as it is released which was what I have been doing ever since I succeeded in installing the last year’s Dec CTP.

This CTP comes with the following warning:
The December CTP of Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server is not supported by a Go-Live license and cannot be used for production deployments. Migration from this release to the final RTM product will NOT be supported. Customers requiring a stable release of Team Foundation Server for production use should download Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh and complete the associated Go-Live license.

We’ve deployed TFS on our servers and have been using vsts in production for some time in multiple projects. There is lot of (internal) education to be done, lots of team members (not only developers, mind you) have to adjust their daily routine, our existing internal best practices have to be reevaluated and some new introduced. Although lot of it has already been dealt with, the process is far from being finished. These are all very valid and very important issues one should concentrate on.
On the other hand, vsts is not finalized yet and any last minute change done because of the last minute feedback might make the difference for years to come. Such changes have been happening all the time. A quick glance over TFS Forum shows that the vsts team does not plan to stop listening to us.

At first I was unsure how to set my priorities, should I concentrate on what we’ve got (Beta 3 Refresh) or on what is to come (this and any future CTPs), but than I noticed one simple difference between the new setup and the old one. Their size: CTP Dec setup - 358 MB, compared to 279 MB of the Beta 3 Refresh.

Well, I don’t know for you, but I have to find out where these 28% size increase comes from. It would be nice to see a “what’s new” kind of a document on the forums or on some of the blogs (this will probably happen soon), but I can’t let it go without giving a try and being able to see if everything that we have had problem with got fixed. I decided to find some time for the Dec CTP after all.

So it will obviously have to be done in parallel: Beta 3 Refresh for the production and in the same time the newest bits for the laboratory.
[Via Antony Borton]
[Update: a bit more on Dec CTP in Jeff Beehler’s blog.]


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