Saturday, June 28, 2008

TeamCompanion for Outlook v2.0 released

Earlier this week Ekobit released The TeamCompanion for Outlook v2.0. This second major version of the TeamCompanion brings a lot of new features. Actually, there are as many new features as there were features altogether earlier. The new TeamCompanion version sets standards in integration between Outlook and the Team Foundation Server. Scheduled queries will automatically refresh WI folders enabling you to stay up-to-date, while ad-hoc queries allow the execution of WI queries on the fly. With the ability to drag and drop queries in the favorite folders you will have that up-to-date information about the work progress always visible.

Some of the cool new features:

  • Work Item query management support
  • Editing areas and iterations support
  • Scheduled Work Item queries
  • Subscriptions to TFS alert notifications support
  • Integration with Excel and Project
  • Work Item reminders and To-Do list integration
  • Outlook Tasks support (Work item from Task, Task from Work item, Open associated Work Item)
  • Outlook RSS feeds support
  • Ad-hoc queries including all standard services (Work Item to Mail, task or appointment conversion)
  • Add related work item action support
  • Send Work Item Query result as mail
  • Additional simplified toolbar
  • Trial period extended to 90 days
  • ... and a lot more available for download now.

Visit videos and the blog demonstrating and describing the most interesting usage scenarios.
TeamCompanion supports Outlook 2003 and 2007 and TFS 2005 and 2008 and is available in English and German.
Product homepage:
Download the trial from:


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