Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Team System licensing for MS partners

Finally, there are some more conclusive answers to the licensing questions around Team System for MS Partners. Ajay Sudan has put Microsoft Partner Program License Benefits FAQ on the forum.
The FAQ brings much more clarity. That’s for sure. Yet there are some news which are not really that good …
Short version: gold partners get an update to Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers with MSDN Premium Subscription licenses. Certified partners and empower partners get the VS 2005 Professional Edition. Number of appropriate licenses varies with the status but will be the same as current number of Visual Studio licenses.
The first issue: partners don’t get the Suite! “Gold partners will have to purchase Visual Studio Team Suite. We plan to offer Team Suite at a discount to partners after launch.” – whatever that really means. We’ll have to wait and see. L
The second issue: partners will get only the Developer Edition. If you want the Tester or the Architect Edition you’ll have to buy them separately. “Partners who wish to receive one of these subscriptions, can purchase an MSDN Universal Subscription prior to October 31st 2005, and be able to upgrade to one of these levels at launch.”
I guess that there is more to come and that this is not the final version of the licensing story.


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