Sunday, December 11, 2005

VSTS MSF methodology templates updated

A few days ago the newest versions of both of VSTS MSF methodology templates were published:
This seems to be the right moment to read what the authors of these two methodologies have to say about their work:
  • Randy Miller’s article on MSF for Agile Software Development STSC CrossTalk - Agile Software Development for the Entire Project - Dec 2005 in which he writes on MS internal usage of concepts like personas, shadow applications and test thresholds (actually there is only one test threshold used in MSF Agile – code coverage).

  • David Anderson’s article “Stretching Agile to Fit CMMI Level 3 - the story of creating MSF for CMMI Process Improvement at Microsoft” [Article PDF 342KB] [Agile 2005 ConferencePresentation PDF 829KB] where he describes how after four months of development of the MSF for CMMI Improvement the team decided to throw away everything and start again. Why? Because “it seemed to us that it must be possible to create a truly agile CMMI method”.  This second time the strategy they have chosen was to extend MSF Agile template in order to create a CMMI compliant one. This exiting story describes how they succeeded in developing a methodology that is at the same time CMMI compliant and agile. Very enlightening read.


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