Thursday, May 18, 2006

[TOOLS] SyncToy 1.2

If you need to keep your online and offline folders synchronized and offline files support in Windows XP doesn’t fit your needs, (as will be the case most of the time since it is all but foolproof) I recommend SyncToy. It is a tool from Microsoft, fully functional yet freely downloadable. Version 1.2 was released in second half of March. I have been happily using it ever since.
You can find more info on how to use the tool in following whitepaper: Synchronizing Images and Files in Windows XP Using Microsoft SyncToy.

From the official description:
SyncToy is a free PowerToy for Microsoft Windows XP that provides an easy to use, highly customizable program to help copy, move, and synchronize different directories. Most common operations can be performed with just a few clicks of the mouse, and additional customization is available without adding complexity. SyncToy can manage multiple sets of directories at the same time; it can combine files from two folders in one case, and mimic renames and deletes in another. Unlike other applications, SyncToy keeps track of renames to files and will make sure those changes get carried over to the synchronized folder.

By default it is not possible to automate or schedule the synchronizing of the folders, but using scheduled tasks it is easy to oganiye that too. In the second comment to the following blog entry by Alex Barnett you can find detailed description how to create a scheduled task for SyncToy.


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