Thursday, May 04, 2006

Praise for TeamPlain Web Access to Team System

Today we installed the TeamPlain Web Access to the Team System and I can’t stop playing with it. It is functional, simple, clean and simply pretty. It does most of what the Team Client does but in a web browser.

Notable differences are in the source control support where TeamPlain supports only a small subset of the Team Client’s functionality. However, that subset would most probably be more than enough for usual TeamPlain user. Those that need to merge, use shelving or switch between different workspaces do need visual Studio and integrated Team Client anyway.

TeamPlain does some things in a cleaner and clearer manner than the Team Client. The project home page is one such functionality. Although configurable home page does not support many options, it offers some useful ideas such as a list of recently accessed work items.

There are some very useful functionalities that don’t exist in the Team Client. Integrated search support enabling the search over work items data is one such very welcomed news.

First impressions of TeamPlain are very positive and I am looking forward to playing with it much more in the days to come.


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