Monday, November 13, 2006

DEVWD17 Team System Adoption Best Practices – promised resources

Thanks again to everyone who attended our two whiteboard discussions at TechEd.
Neno has already written about some of the resources that we have promised to put on the blog here:

Here are some additional resources:

A short recap of the SSL connectivity story:

  • If it should be accessible from Internet, the TFS should be in the DMZ

  • Since TFS and the Build Server (BS) communicate using .NET remoting (default port 9191) , BS must be in the DMZ as well

  • BS can deploy the builds only on file shares and only using file sharing protocol – the only logical option is to configure the BS to deploy on a file share on the TFS. This file share should be published as a web folder accessible using HTTPS. This way, BS uses file sharing protocol to deploy the builds and the TFS users use HTTPS to access those builds.

  • Web page kind of build reports (the one you open when you follow the link in the build completion notification mail message) is generated using xml+xsl. The links in the report that lead to the builds have hardcoded the usage of the file share protocol which contradicts the usage of HTTPS. To solve that problem, the file Build.xsl in the Program files/Team Foundation Server/Web Services/Build/Transforms folder on the TFS must be modified so that HTTPS protocol is used for the links instead of file sharing.

  • The integrated kind of the build reports (the one you get when you double click in the build list in VS) can not be corrected. You should use the links from the web kind instead.
Here are the references from the slide deck once again:

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