Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Test Manager Add-In

Do you have lots of unit tests (or other automated tests, for that matter)? How do you organize them in lists? Using Visual Studio Team Suite? Nice, you’re covered. In Team Suite you can use the Test Manager window to easily build hierarchies and lists of tests.

But what if you are just an ordinary developer using Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers? Test Manager window is not there to help you. A simple Test Window window with possibly endless list of tests is the best tool Visual Studio can offer. The only two Visual Studio Editions supporting Test Manager and management of tests are the all-encompassing Team Suite and the one specialized for testing: Team Edition for Software Testers. Are the developers really left in cold?

Not any more! :-)

As of today, Test Manager Add-In for Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers (what a mouthful) comes to rescue! Test Manager Add-In offers everything needed to successfully manage and execute tests and organize them in hierarchical lists in the developer’s own working environment. Being a VSIP package, Test Manager Add-In is seamlessly integrated in the Visual Studio environment and works flawlessly with other parts of the Visual Studio integrated testing framework.

Read more about Test Manager Add-In here (http://www.ekobit.com/testmngr.aspx).
Download the free 30-day trial of Test Manager Add-In from here (http://www.ekobit.com/download_testmngr.aspx)


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