Saturday, November 08, 2008

Oct'08 TFS Power Tools released

I refrained from passing all the VSTS related news on the blog lately, since there are enough other places where one can plug in and be informed in real time of all important events.

But this is really important news: Microsoft has released a major piece of Team System functionality in an off the band release in its October 08 TFS Power Tools.
Oct ‘08 Power Tools come with many things lots of people have been asking for. Just read the list of the major new features:

Team Members
Adds a new node to under each Team Project to the Team Explorer called "Team Members" that identifies people and who work on the project. It serves as a "pivot point" for information and operations on people and teams. This is huge, because among supported operations we finally get IM, audio and video comm. integrated with TFS client. Right now Live Messenger 8.0 and later and Office Communicator 2005 and later are supported, but more are in the works.

Windows Shell Extension
Allows core version control operations directly within Windows Explorer (without using Team Explorer). You will need to use to use custom setup option in order to turn this feature on. And it works on 64 bit OS-es as well!

PowerShell Support
Provides a PowerShell pipeline and cmdlets for TFS. Initial support is for core version control operations.

Custom components
This feature brings support for automated distribution of client side custom components like custom work item controls, check in policies and similar. Up till now there was no good way to distribute them. Now there is. :-)

Above are only the most exciting features. For the complete list with more detailed description see Brian Harry’s blogs here and here.

Get the Oct’08 TFS Power Tools here.


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