Monday, December 19, 2005

NUnit 2.2 and NUnit Converter V1.0 RC1 released

In the last few days Unit testing family of tools has seen two new releases:

  • The final release of NUnit 2.2 is available here. This is the first stable production release of NUnit that is to be used with .NET 2.0.

  • If you want to migrate to VS Team System sort of unit tests, i.e. convert your existing NUnit tests in the VSTS unit tests, there is the first Release Candidate of the NUnit Converter by James Newkirk. You can download it here. It supports NUnit 2.1, NUnit 2.2  and the final version of the Visual Studio 2005 Team System (Developer Suite and the Team Suite).
Prior to installing the converter you will also need to download and install Guidance Automation Extensions Dec 2005 CTP. If the name doesn’t say a lot to you (as it didn’t say a lot to me:-) ), see for more information. Guidance Automation Extensions is the runtime component which must be installed in order to use the converter. The Guidance Automation Toolkit is not required to install and run the NUnit Converter.

In order to convert the tests follow the detailed instructions in C:\Program Files\GotDotNet Community\NUnit Converter\ReleaseNotes.doc (or wherever you have installed the converter…). Actually, the release notes are very good detailed comparison of NUnit and TS tests.      


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