Sunday, March 22, 2009

[Inside TeamCompanion 2.1] Open related object

With the release of the TeamCompanion v 2.1 just a few days away it is high time to start a series of blog entries on the most interesting new features this version brings.
We will start with one of the small but useful productivity features that make everyday work with the Team System in TeamCompanion easier and more efficient.
Whenever you receive a notification mail from the TFS that refers to some TFS object this feature called “Open related object” will let you open that object with just one click. It is similar to the ability to configure the work item links in the notification mails introduced with the TFS 2008 SP1 that lets you open work items in the Team System Web Access. But, since we are in a desktop application – Outlook, it would be a shame to have to use web UI. We should be able to open the work item in a nice familiar desktop dialog. That is what “Open related object” is all about. In addition to work items it supports opening changesets and build reports too!
Let’s see what it looks like. We will start with a notification mail about work item change

After just one click on the “Open Work Item” button the work item edit form appears:

It works the same way for changesets:

and for the builds:

The same action is available from the context menu too:


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