Friday, February 10, 2006

TFS RC Setup - the first experience

Yesterday I have installed the TFS RC. It was a funny feeling to have to install a hot fix for .NET 2.0, which is one of the prerequisites for the TFS, not that long after the release of new .NET. The setup itself went rather well, with just a few minor glitches:
  • The SQL Server Integration service was somehow not running after the SQL Server setup, which was caught by the system check (thank God for the system check!) when I started the TFS setup. But after I have read the error information, corrected the error and went one step back and forth in the setup wizard and expected of the system check to check the system once again, nothing happened. The error was still there. Luckily, the restart of the setup wizard did the trick.

  • The TFC client failed to install in the first attempt. I can’t tell why. When started once again it installed the client without any problems.
All in all, the setup looks pretty good.


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