Monday, June 12, 2006

[VSTS]TFS Sidekicks

A series of utilities coming from Attrice providing graphical UI for some TFS administrative and management tasks:

Team Foundation Server Version Control Status Sidekick
View a tree of pending changes and locks, unlock locked files/folders, undo pending changes and a slew of other similar tasks concerning pending changes in the TFS’s version control system. Want to know what everyone is doing right now in the source control database? Use Version Control Sidekick.

Team Foundation Server Version Control Workspace Sidekick
View, edit and manage TFS workspaces. If you need to remove a stale workspace standing on your way this tool is just what you need.  

Microsoft Build Sidekick
Graphic User Interface front-end for editing MSBuild project files.

Read about these products in Sidekicks blog    


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