Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Professional Scrum Developer Training (.NET)

Have you heard of Professional Scrum Developer course? The goal of the course is to teach attendees on how to successfully use Scrum, modern software engineering practices and Visual Studio 2010 to iteratively and incrementally develop software. Attendees work in self-organizing, self-managing teams using a common instance of Team Foundation Server 2010.

This course is suitable for any member of a software development team – architect, programmer, database developer, tester, etc. Entire teams are encouraged to attend and experience the course together, but individuals are welcome too. Attendees self‐organize to form cross‐functional Scrum teams.

You will have plenty of opportunities to take this course in the near future:

June 28th – July 2th in Milan, Adam Cogan from SSW will be presenting the first Professional Scrum Developer course in Italy.

July 26th – 30th July in London, Adam Cogan joined by Martin Hinshelwood.

There is a special offer for these two courses reducing the cost from $3995 to $1995.

And if you are more inclined to take the course in German, there is the course held by Neno Loje on July 26th –30th in Munich.


Anonymous Martin Hinshelwood said...

Thanks Ogy, we are going to have a fantastic time teaching this course :)

Fri Jun 25, 06:25:00 PM GMT+2  

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