Sunday, February 12, 2006

Team Foundation Server Admin Tool (CTP) is released

In November we voted for it, 20 days ago we saw the first screenshot, and now finally the first CTP version of Team Foundation Server Admin Tool is released! Visit the tool’s homepage on gotdotnet and download it.

Short description:
“The TFS Administration Tool allows a TFS administrator to quickly add users to all three platforms utilized by TFS: TFS, Sharepoint, and SQL RS, all through one common interface. The tool also allows administrators to change the current permissions on any of the three tiers, identify any errors, and view all of the users and their permission sets across TFS, Sharepoint, and SQL RS.”    

[Update: Alas, since this version doesn’t work with the workgroup configuration I won’t be able to test it right now. The workgroup support is promised in the final release that will come in sync with the final version of TFS.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the usefull help.
I found some steps from mindself, but was some step in you decription was wery good idea to me!
I tried, and our TFS working via SSL.
Congrat and Thx:inDy

Fri Mar 31, 12:25:00 PM GMT+2  

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