Sunday, June 18, 2006

[Data] ADO.NET 3.0 and Entity Framework

ADO.NET 3.0 and Entity Framework whitepaper was originally published in May on MSDN but only for a day or so. When the links to the doc ceased to function, many people including myself were left with a printed copy of the document.
Indeed, one extremely exciting document! It gave us a consistent overview of the future of the data access in .NET. It was already known that the DLinq will deal with impendency mismatch between different programming languages (database access and general purpose languages), making the database queries the first class citizens of a C# or VB.NET program.
The big news was the fact that the we will be able to access the data in more natural way, using business object level (that is what the Entity Framework is all about) abstractions instead of the tables and relations from the relational schema of the database.
A month later, the documents are finally officially published:
The data access will never be the same. ADO.NET, Entity Framework and DLinq together will make a powerful trio!
Enjoy the reading. It will shorten the waiting time for the first runnable CTP…
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Pablo’s ADO.NET session at last year’s PDC was one of the best sessions of the whole conference. He is passionate, amusing and definitely knows what he is talking about. Hope he will be able to speak on the european Tech Ed as well.


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